Box car painting

This is my first painting using acrylics from 2007. The painting is of a photograph that I located on webshots.com. I have enjoyed trains all back to my childhood days playing with model trains to looking out my back door and watching trains go by along routes 8 & 12 in central New York State.

I consider myself a weekend painter and see painting as a creative outlet.  My recent painting experience involves the use of acrylics which I began working with as part of a class at the Davis YMCA in Boardman, Ohio in 2007.  Thanks to art instructor, Suzanne Gray, I have continued painting with acrylics ever since.

In the past I have also worked with watercolors, pastel crayons, and drawing.  In addition, I  enjoy photography and I have included some of my work on this site as well.

My paintings include a variety of entities including landscapes, architecture, and objects (e.g., antique radio, canoes, etc.). I even have a self-portrait plus one of my cat Koko.  My photographs include a variety of entities as well.  Many are from my travels.

I hope that you enjoy the website and visit often.